It’s unquestionable that the demand for captivating visual experiences is growing rapidly. Directors and producers in an effort to quench consumers’ thirst for exciting action sequences and other worldly landscapes are incorporating more visual effects (VFX) shots into everything from feature-length films to 30-second ads.

This demand begs the question of how the rising demand for VFX and the availability of new visual technologies, like virtual reality (VR), affecting the VFX facilities, post-production studios, and other organizations that produce these experiences?

To answer this question and others, Quantum collaborated with postPerspective to survey their readers of creative professionals from around the world to:

  • Gauge emerging trends
  • Identify challenges
  • Pinpoint current storage preferences
  • And more!

Download the eBook, “New Insights Into the Growing Visual Effects Industry" to see what your fellow industry counterparts are saying about this growing market.