meet the rising demand
The evolution of visual effects (VFX), animation, and virtual reality (VR) technologies is dramatically changing how visual experiences are created and consumed. At the same time, consumers have the growing ability with new technologies to enjoy the captivating experiences that creative professionals are producing.

So what does this mean for VFX facilities, animation studios, VR firms and other organizations that produce visual experiences?

Let “Meet the Rising Demands for Captivating Visual Experiences” tell you. Download the eBook to learn:

  • What is animation, visual effects (VFX), and virtual reality (VR) and how organizations are utilizing these technologies to create visual experiences for their audience 
  • Common pain points felt by visual experience producers throughout their workflow
  • What type of technology infrastructure is needed to support the demands of animation, VFX, and VR production workflows
  • Real-life examples of organizations that found a solution to solve their production workflow challenges in animation, VFX, and VR.