Collaboration Just Got Easier

Meet the New StorNext 7 on H4000 Converged Storage Appliance


Deploy the world's fastest collaborative shared storage system everywhere you need collaboration and productivity quickly - for a new team or project, to replace non-performing workflow storage, or jumpstart live event production and on-set workflows. 

Content demand is skyrocketing and the competition is heating up - making your decision about which workflow storage to choose more important than ever. Deploying a truly collaborative shared storage environment that helps your whole team work together faster with unmatched ability to handle large files and multiple streams and clients accessing your system at once will help your entire creative operation become more efficient, speed delivery. 
With the new architecture of the StorNext 7 file system platform on the Quantum H4000 converged storage appliance that fits in only 2 rack units of space - creative services agencies and corporate marketing teams have a solution to unite their entire team, television, film, and post production teams can stand up a new production in minutes, and bring collaboration to the field, for live events, and even on-set and on-location collaboration. 
In this session, we'll take you through: 
  • StorNext 7's architecture advances that makes these rapid, agile deployments possible 
  • Quantum's H4000 appliance that delivers the StorNext shared file system platform and storage for your entire creative team 
  • Deployment examples for customers like Creative Agencies and Marketing Services Teams, new television or film production for independent teams, live event production at remote sites, and for on-set and on location