GigaOm Object Storage:
Enterprise Radar Report

Quantum ActiveScale designated as a leading object storage Outperformer

With the S3 protocol now a standard for many applications, enterprises are adopting it for a growing number of use cases. As a result, object storage technology is maturing with solutions that support multiple workloads and high-performance applications concurrently. GigaOm released their Object Storage: Enterprise Radar Report, recognizing Quantum ActiveScale as a leading Outperformer solution and highlighting these key advantages:

  • A comprehensive object storage solution that supports multiple storage classes, including cold object storage.
  • Is particularly suitable for very large object repositories and archival use cases.
  • Includes distributed erasure coding and algorithms for Dynamic Data Placement (DDP) and Dynamic Data Repair (DDR).
  • Is easy to deploy and manage at scale with an intuitive UI and analytics dashboard.
  • Provides end-to-end encryption capabilities and object locking.
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