ActiveScale Object Storage: Everything you need to know!


Unstructured data sets are growing at exponential rates, it is expected to be more than 80% of all digital information stored by 2025. To counter this, object storage has evolved to become an efficient solution for a wide variety of use cases across many industries. When it’s done right, modern object storage systems overcome the scaling barriers of traditional storage approaches.

Join Sherman Schorzman and Tim Sherbak, Quantum product experts, in this 3-part series on object storage, as they discuss:

  • How, What, and Why Object Storage? – How object storage has emerged as the new standard for very large data sets, what sets it apart from traditional approaches as well as why it has become a cornerstone of the modern data center.
  • Use Cases for Object Storage - Get the Most Out of Object Storage with its Primary characteristics of which makes the ideal solution, key methods of data access, and points of integration.
  • ActiveScale Object Storage: Designed for Growth - The ability to easily grow your environment to meet future storage demands with key architectural aspects of the ActiveScale™ design that makes it a better object-store, efficient, durable with security that is built-in for massive scale and longevity.