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Quantum QXS Hybrid Storage
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Quantum QXS hybrid storage with intelligent real-time tiering provides the performance of flash at the cost of disk. Now you can see the power of Quantum hybrid storage for yourself risk free.   If you like it keep it, if not return it, no questions asked. 

Quantum QXS Hybrid Storage Benefits

  • Flash performance at the price of disk: Intelligent real-time tiering between SSDs and HDDs, keeps the most requested data on that fastest drives resulting in incredible performance at a low TCO.
  • Reduced power and cooling costs huge capacity, small foot print: Ultra-efficient, compact density with up to 48 drives in a 2U footprint packs more capacity into less rack space improving data center utilization and reducing power and cooling costs.
  • Always available: Designed to military-grade specifications to outperform standard IT equipment including 99.999% availability, Quantum QXS is storage you can count on.

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To try a Quantum QXS hybrid storage array in your environment, please complete the following information – just 5 simple questions!. Once received, we will contact you for verification and  help you determine the perfect configuration for your environment.