A Study of Enterprise User Perceptions and Requirements by Evaluator Group

Imagine having the flexibility of public cloud storage, but without the performance issues and movement costs. It’s no wonder that Storage as a Service (STaaS) is quickly becoming adopted globally. As an on-premise service, you’re provided the same immediate access to your most important assets without having to commit capital investment resources.

Read the results of nearly 250 surveys from enterprise information technology end users, their attitudes towards STaaS. You’ll learn about the state of the Storage as a Service and how:

  • Confidence in the STaaS vendor is a necessity. Users must be assured that data storage will be secure and handled with the required service levels

  • Flexibility and compatibility are key - you’re already using a variety of vendors/companies in your IT environment. Find out how using STaaS could actually help bring your IT environment together.

  • Support – STaaS allows for consolidated support, and one point of call for all questions behind data management.