Protect Petabytes of Data from Ransomware


Ethical Cyberhacker Reviews Ransomware Protection Solutions

DURATION: 45 Minutes

Ransomware continues to be one of the key challenges facing organisations today - with attacks now occurring every 8 seconds.

Although most companies regularly backup data, they are still vulnerable to ransom attacks that target entire networks and backup systems, and even the cloud.

Hear from ethical hacker and cyber security specialist Jamie Woodruff, as we explore new options for protecting against ransomware, including object locking, air-gapped protection, logical tape blocking and Quantum's latest feature Ransom Block to protect your organisation’s critical data.

Watch now to learn:

  • How to set up solid business continuity, disaster recovery and backup strategies to protect your virtual data against any ransomware and cyber security threat.
  • Introduction to Quantum's comprehensive storage framework for cyber protection and data security.
  • New options for protecting against ransomware.
  • Live Q&A with ethical hacker Jamie Woodruff.
Jamie WoodruffEthical Hacker and Cyber Security specialist Jamie Woodruff is one of the world’s leading authorities on hacking and cyber security. He has uncovered security holes in numerous high-profile operations and vulnerabilities within leading security applications.