Lock Ransomware Out
Backup and Protect Petabytes of Data


Petabyte-Scalable Solutions to Backup and Protect Critical Data

DURATION: 30 Minutes

Together Quantum and Veeam Offer Best In Class End-to-End Ransomware Protection and Backup Solutions

In today's innovative data centre, a single data protection scheme is no longer sufficient to protect valuable data against any kind of loss.

To make it simple for businesses to secure and protect against vulnerabilities, we partnered with Veeam to bring data centres a multi-tiered, scalable solution for protecting data against loss - ensuring that businesses can resume normal operations in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost.

Join us to get an overview of Quantum's - Veeam Ready - Backup, Object and Tape storage solutions.

Benefits of Quantum Storage for Veeam:

  • Complete End-to-End Product Line
    Only vendor offering Veeam full-stack hardware following the 3-2-1-1 best practice approach for data protection.
  • Fast Deduplication to Maximise Data Reduction
    High-performance patented variable-length deduplication without the hassle of a landing zone.
  • Veeam Data Mover Support (VDMS)
    Easier Veeam deployment and management, supporting synthetic fulls, Instant Virtual Machine Recovery (IVMR), and more.
  • Protection Against Ransomware
    Create a secured Active Vault to protect and secure data from cyber threats.
  • Self-Healing, Highly Scalable Object Storage
    ActiveScale software provides cost-effective alternate to public cloud.
  • Veeam Ready Integrated
    DXi deduplication appliance can be used as a Veeam Repository for all Veeam functionality.
Veeam Ready