In the past, sports venues were not significant producers of video content. It was primarily other organizationssuch as broadcast TV stations in conjunction with sports leaguesthat generated the content and delivered it to fans. But today, in-venue production teams have become major content producers in an effort to not only enhance in-game experiences for fans but to leverage video for scouting, training, and competitive analysis. 

As your video team ramps up production to accommodate the rising demand for content, the time may be right to reconsider your storage environment. Read the latest e-book, Beyond the Broadcast: Producing Engaging Content for Leading Sports Venues, Teams, and Leagues, to learn:

  • How sports venue production teams are using video
  • The demand of VR, AR, and 360-degree video in sports venues
  • What video archiving can do to help video production teams re-use and re-monetize content
  • The importance of implementing a robust storage solution
  • And more!